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Daily Deals: $45 1TB external hard drive, $34 20100mAh battery pack, and more

Deepwater Horizon, Jason Bourne, and other iTunes movies under $10 right now

Apple’s free app of the week: Zip-Zap


9 smart light bulbs you can control with your iPhone

Apple & related news

Apple’s Q2 2017: 50.8M iPhones, 8.9M iPads, $52.9B revenue

Interesting points from Apple’s Q2 earnings call

iPhone 8 concept roundup: Part I

Microsoft unveils touchscreen Surface Laptop, its $999 MacBook rival

Survey ranks Apple as #1 wearables maker

Google Maps, Amazon, eBay and other iPhone apps quietly ditch support for Apple Watch

Google says Apple Watch support will be returning to Maps for iOS

Amazon may launch its video streaming app for Apple TV in the summer

KGI: Apple’s first home AI product could debut at WWDC 2017


Dear iDB: should I update?

CCQuick Pro X turbocharges Control Center with a bevy of new features

HUDPlayer gives you a banner-styled volume HUD

FancyNC thins out your notification banners and widgets

Delta Beta 4: iOS emulator gains Game Boy Color support

No more 7-day signing woes: use Extender Installer

Jailbreak tweaks of last week: Exact Time, LastTimeUnlocked, WeatherBanners, & More…


The best wallpaper apps for iPhone


How to store imported photos and videos outside the Photos for Mac library

How to disable automatic software updates on Apple TV

How to open your iTunes playlists in separate windows

Can’t rename your AirPods as “AirPods”? Here’s the fix.

How to fix photos not uploading to or downloading from iCloud Photo Library

How to clear your web browsing cache


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wallpapers

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