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Like every Sunday, we get to take a look at some of the most popular posts that were published on iDB during the week that just ended. Whether it is a news item, a new jailbreak tweak, a tutorial, or an app review, we sum it all up in one convenient place for you.

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Site news

iDB 3.0: redesigned to be lighter, wider, and responsive


Top Gun, The Social Network, and other iTunes movies under $10

Daily Deals: $44 Harmony 650 remote, $23 20000mAh battery pack, and more

Apple’s free app of the week: Cut the Rope: Magic

Apple & related news

Apple recruits top Google satellite executives for whole new hardware team

Apple may be funding Boeing’s satellite system for global broadband coverage

Report: next-gen ‘iPhone Edition’ to feature stainless steel frame, vertical VR camera

Bloomberg on iPhone 8: all-screen front, curved glass, stainless steel frame & more

3D model of iPhone 8 casing based on likely fake schematics depicts rear mounted Touch ID

Limited edition Apple Watch NikeLab launching next Thursday

Apple pledges to make gadgets from 100% renewable or recycled materials

Google Home can now distinguish up to six users by the sound of their voice


How to use CoolBooter CLI to dual-boot your device

How to restore your device to iOS 9.x with iDeviceReRestore

Supercharge your iPhone wallpaper options with PanoramaPapers

This tweak displays your Wi-Fi channel in the Status Bar

CCDataMore adds a cellular data toggle to Control Center

Jailbreak tweaks of last week


iDB app v1.4: a new cache clearing feature and minor fixes under the hood

Vanido, Charge Running, Giphy Says, and other apps to check out

iMovie, GarageBand and iWork apps go free for all users


Five neat tricks Spotlight search can do for you on iPhone

How to check the warranty status of your devices with the Apple Support app

How to fix: This is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

How to save posts on Instagram and organize them into collections

How to enable Dark Mode on YouTube


Star Wars: The Last Jedi wallpapers

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