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Get the official iFixit toolkit for $20

PDF Expert for Mac is currently on sale at 50% off

Daily Deals: $330 off MacBook Pro, $65 Wi-Fi security camera, and more

Apple’s free app of the week: Musemage


Declutter your working space with this under-desk headphones mount (just $10)

Speck’s Presidio Show reveals your iPhone’s finish through the back of the case

Apple & related news

Apple unveils iPhone 7/Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

Apple announces new $329 9.7-inch iPad, replacing iPad Air 2 & launching this Friday

Apple just doubled iPhone SE storage without raising prices

Apple launches Spring-themed Apple Watch bands, Nike Sport straps now sold separately

Apple’s Clips app lets you create expressive videos with voice-activated Live Titles & more

32GB iPad mini 4 discontinued, replaced with 128GB model for $399

Apple’s silicone and leather iPhone 7 cases are now available in six new colors

Apple phases out iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2

Hackers tying to extort Apple over dubious claims, threatening to remotely wipe iOS devices

Apple responds to ransom threat: iCloud, Apple ID and other systems have not been breached

WikiLeaks details CIA’s infestation software targeting iMac and MacBook computers

Apple: iPhone and Mac vulnerabilities detailed in WikiLeaks CIA dump were fixed years ago

Red iPhone 7, new 9.7″ iPad & updated iPhone SE now available

Apple acquires powerful automation app Workflow

Apple patent envisions a MacBook powered by your iPhone or iPad

New Bloomberg report details Apple’s AR efforts

iPhone 8 said to feature rounded water drop design similar to the original iPhone

Barclays: iPhone 8 to launch in September, but will be hard to come by


Home Depot 32-bit jailbreak update released

SemiRestore-Lite released with support for iOS 10.2

Choose the default email app on your iPhone with MailClientDefault10

NotifyCensored lets you hide notification banner content on a per-app basis

This tweak prevents the passcode screen from appearing after every respring

MaskMe10 lets you mask notifications based on keywords or specific names

This tweak brings a YouTube-inspired volume HUD to your iPhone

Delay your Lock screen auto-dimming feature with this tweak

Zeal is a battery management system for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Jailbreak tweaks of last week: Safe Alarm 3, Delay Read Receipts, QuickPowerMode, & more…


Speed up or slow down iTunes playback for podcasts, audiobooks, and music with Speed-Up

Create impressive HDR photos with your iPhone and Aurora HDR

Scheduled, Splish, Yaknak, and other apps to check out this weekend


How to view the HTML source code of a web page on iOS or Mac

How to teach your iPhone or iPad to recognize people’s faces

How to turn off notifications for specific podcasts

How to add Continuity features to older Macs

How to show basic system information on your Mac login screen

How to change the default search scope in Finder

How to use Wish List to track iOS apps and games

How to delete multiple contacts at once on Mac

Tip: save some space on your iPhone by flushing Dropbox caches

How to save your live Instagram video to iPhone


iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED-inspired wallpapers

Wallpapers of last week: cars in abstract

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