Snapchat launches universal search for improved navigation

Snapchat on Thursday updated its mobile app with a new universal search bar. Speaking with TechCrunch, the company says the feature was designed for speed, so you can quickly locate what you’re looking for and get back to snapping.

The new search bar is always accessible at the top of the app, and it allows you to find friends and groups and discover publishers and trending Stories. “Quick Chat” suggestions will allow you to jump straight to a specific message thread.

This subtle move should go a long way to curb complaints that the Snapchat app is too difficult or confusing to navigate. Now, instead of having to swipe your way through the interface, you can simply start typing in the new search box.

The universal search bar feature began rolling out to some folks on Android on Thursday, and will soon be available to all Android and iOS users. Once it’s available to you, you should notice the new text field located at the top of the app.

Source: TechCrunch