How to set up read receipts for specific conversations in the Messages app

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Beginning with iOS 10, you can now choose who gets to see when you’ve read their iMessages and who doesn’t, as the feature can be configured on a per conversation basis.

Prior to iOS 10, read receipts could only be toggled globally, which meant the setting was very much all or nothing, and everyone you were having iMessage conversations with would be affected by your read receipt settings.

Since you might want to limit the feature to only a certain number of your conversations, this feature is going to be useful when you have a small number of people who pay way too much attention to whether or not you’ve read their message and replied to them.

How to configure read receipts on a per conversation basis

1) Open the Messages app and launch the conversation you want to set custom read receipt settings for.

2) Next, tap on the (i) button at the top right of the conversation in the navigation bar.

iMessage Read Receipts Per Contact

3) Toggle the Send Read Receipts switch either on or off, depending on your preference for this specific conversation.

4) Tap on the blue Done button at the top right of the interface to save your setting.

And now you’ve configured a custom read receipt setting for this specific conversation. This setting won’t affect the other conversations in your Messages app.

Can I still use the Settings app to configure read receipts?

The option under Settings → Messages → Send Read Receipts can still be used post-iOS 10 to enable or disable read receipts for everyone, but it may cause headaches if you’ve set up custom read receipt rules for your individual conversations in the Messages app.

When you change your read receipt settings from the Settings app, this will overwrite any custom per conversation settings you’ve configured in the Messages app.

With that being said, if you’ve set any per conversation read receipt settings, toying with the global setting in the Settings app will reset everything and force you to reconfigure everyone’s custom read receipt settings all over again.

As a result of this, keep in mind that you probably want to decide early on whether or not you want all or nothing, or individually customized read receipt settings.

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