Pre-alpha version of Kodi released for Apple TV 4


A sneak preview version of Kodi has been released for the Apple TV 4. Over on the official Kodi forums, developer Memphiz has posted a how to walkthrough outlining the basics of the installation.

Keep in mind that this is a very early build of Kodi for the Apple TV 4, so not everything works. In fact, Memphiz is calling this a “pre-pre-pre-alpha release of Kodi for tvOS.” Sounds pretty alpha to us, but it’s definitely a good starting point.

We will be back later with a full how to on how to get Kodi running on your Apple TV 4. We already showed you how to do so on your non-jailbroken iOS devices, and now the same applies for tvOS.

The Apple TV 4 installation of Kodi uses a similar method to the non-jailbroken method. Again, check back soon for our full tutorial.

In the meantime. Are you happy to see a proper version of Kodi with add-on support being built for tvOS? Sound off in the comment section with your thoughts.