James Bond Spectre splash

The recently released James Bond film Spectre has been showing good numbers in the box office. A harkening back to the good old days of Bond, Spectre is full of gadgets, cars, and explosions. It puts Casino Royal’s only gadget, the heart defibrillator, to shame, but Spectre doesn’t quite hang with Skyfall.

My personal movie commentary aside, it was a bang up James Bond film and a few iOS device wallpapers will show your support. Inside, there are Spectre wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. Although today’s Wallpapers of the Week post is a mixed bag of devices, there is something for everyone. 

James Bond Spectre wallpapers



Download: iPhone


Download: iPhone


Download: iPhone


Download: iPad

The following desktop wallpapers were sourced from DoubleMesh.


Download: Desktop


Download: Desktop


Download: Desktop


Download: Desktop


If you have some great wallpapers to share, find me on Twitter via @jim_gresham! My current quest is to find amazing The Force Awakening wallpapers to launch the week of the movie release. If you have anything, catch up with me online and make sure the images are pre-formatted for iOS devices.

Top image via placeit.net