Mission Control OS X El Capitan

Starting with OS X El Capitan, we now have a redesigned Mission Control that’s smarter and more efficient. Now, all of your apps are easily viewable with just a swipe up gesture on your trackpad. Because macOS now arranges all windows in a single layer, it’s easier than ever to see everything that you have open on your Mac.

Mission Control also places windows in a position relative to where they currently are on your screen. This makes it easier to quickly locate the specific app that you’re looking for when entering and exiting Mission Control

But that’s not all. Mission Control now allows you to easily place an app on a different desktop or in its own full screen view by simply dragging the app towards the top of the interface. Watch our video walkthrough and see how it all comes together.

It’s not a gargantuan update, but Mission Control is now more practical and functional than it was before. I love how easy the windows are to find now, and I love how everything is arranged according to its relative place on your desktop.

As you saw in the video, Mission Control can also be used to take advantage of macOS’ new Split View. We’ll have more information on this iPad-inspired feature in an upcoming walkthrough.

What are your thoughts on the new Mission Control? Are you a fan?