Samsung finds a new angle to attack iPhone: lack of customization

Samsung ad Galaxy S6 Open to customization image 002

Say what you will, but there’s no denying that Samsung’s marketing department has more or less successfully exploited the iPhone’s perceived weaknesses in their anti-Apple ads.

As you know, ads for the Galaxy phones typically focus on stuff like the iPhone’s non-replaceable batteries, battery life in general, non-curved screens, lack of wireless charging and what not.

But the latest Samsung commercials appears to have found a new anti-iPhone angle: the lack of customization.

The new commercials opens with the line “Sure you can change the background, but why stop there” before highlighting Android’s Home screen widgets and the ability to change how the apps look like.

Suggesting that Galaxy phones are “open to customization,“ the commercial wraps up with the tagline “If it doesn’t look like your phone, it’s not your phone,” which is an obvious play on Apple’s “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” advertising campaign.

Here’s the ad in question.

“Your phone should look and feel more like you. And with customizable themes and icons you can change it up, create and explore new ways to make your phone look and feel more like you,” says the South Korean firm.

Another ad titled “Options Included” continues along the same lines but with a strong focus on “your selfie game.”

“Now there’s a phone that lets you play around a little more, and worry a little less about taking the perfect selfie,” reads the description.

“With more camera options, this is the perfect selfie machine,” it continues. “And with a camera this good, you also have the option to just be yourself.”

How do you like these ads so far?

Has Samsung hit the nerve?