How to monitor batteries of connected devices

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iOS 10 promises to extend your iPhone’s battery life even further with features like Low Power Mode, which reduces or disables non-essential features when the battery falls below twenty percent to help your iPhone’s battery charge last longer. But wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor battery status of other devices connected to your iPhone, like your Apple Watch and Bluetooth accessories?

Now you can, thanks to Apple’s new Notification Center widget. Here’s how to turn it on and enjoy battery readouts of your Apple Watch and wireless accessories such as Bluetooth headsets right from the Lock screen.

How to show battery status of connected devices on your iPhone

Step 1: Pull down from the top of your iPhone’s screen to bring up the Notification Center.

Step 2: Swipe to the right on the Notification Center overlay to switch to Today view.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and tap the Edit button.

Step 4: You’ll be taken to the next screen to choose which widgets appear in the Notification Center’s Today view. Simply tap the green plus sign next to the Batteries widget in the More Widgets section to include it in your Today view.

The widget should be now listed at the top, along with other Today widgets.

Step 5: Tap Done in the top right corner to apply the changes and continue.

And that’s it—you can now access handy readouts of your connected devices’ batteries right within the Notification Center of your iPhone.

And as your gadgets connect wirelessly to your iPhone, their battery charge will become readily available in the Notification Center with no additional work on your part.

In fact, devices’ battery statuses dynamically appear in the Notification Center as they connect to your iPhone. I tested this by removing my Apple Watch before bringing up the Notification Center on my iPhone.

Sure enough, as soon as I put my watch back on and unlocked it, the battery icon showed up in the Notification Center on my iPhone. Pretty cool, no?

Before you jump straight for comments, let me point out that the Battery widget is unavailable on iPads. And it won’t read your iPad’s battery status either so there’s that.

How iOS saves your battery

As we previously explained, iOS employs several energy-saving techniques to extend your run time by up to an hour. In addition to core OS optimizations designed to trim battery use whenever possible, iOS 10 cuts the display power and mutes Lock screen notification alerts when your device is facedown on the table.

Other power-saving tactics include a new Low Power Mode which gives you up to three hours of additional run time and more granular battery-related options in the Settings app.

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