How to use Siri on Apple Watch

Siri Apple Watch Hands FreeLike the iPhone and iPad, Siri can help you find information and get things done on Apple Watch. Unlike the iPhone and iPad versions, there is no voice feedback present. Instead, Siri communicates via haptic feedback and text on the Apple Watch screen. It works, but it does take a bit of adjustment, even if you’re familiar with how to use Siri on the iPhone or iPad.

How to invoke Siri on Apple Watch

There are actually three ways to invoke Siri on Apple Watch:

  • Tap on the screen and say Hey Siri
  • Raise your wrist and say Hey Siri
  • Press and hold on the Digital Crown until the listening indicator appears at the bottom of the screen

How to know when Siri is ready for your response

Since there is no audible feedback for Siri on Apple Watch, Siri was designed to let you know it’s awaiting your response via haptic feedback. You’ll feel a small pulse on your wrist when Siri has been activated, or at times when it’s waiting for additional information.

Tips for getting the most out of Siri on Apple Watch

  • When invoking Siri via the Digital Crown, keep the crown depressed until you are finished asking your question. Although you can release the Digital Crown and still speak to Siri, there’s a higher probability that Siri will capture your entire command if you continue to hold the Digital Crown while speaking.
  • To reply to Siri or continue a conversation, press and hold the digital crown and speak, or say Hey Siri again and speak

Using Siri while out of Bluetooth range

To use Siri from your Apple Watch, a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone is normally required. But what if you’ve stepped out of range of Bluetooth and the connection is severed? Good news, although you can’t configure a Wi-Fi connection directly from Apple Watch, it can automatically connect to the same Wi-Fi network that the paired iPhone is connected to in order to use Siri.

If your Apple Watch and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use Siri without being connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. This is great to know, because Wi-Fi range is generally much wider than Bluetooth. For example, what if you’re outside and your iPhone is in the house? Chances are Bluetooth may not be within range, but you could still use Siri on your Apple Watch thanks to the Wi-Fi connection.

What to ask Siri on Apple Watch?

Although there are many overlapping features between Siri on Apple Watch and Siri on iPhone, as stated, not all of the iPhone features are available on Apple Watch. To learn what commands are applicable on Apple Watch, invoke Siri and say “Help”. This will produce a list of topics that will give you examples of some of the commands that you can use with Siri on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Siri

Siri may not be as powerful or as verbose as it is on iPhone, but it’s still a very integral part of the Apple Watch experience. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to become familiar with Siri on Apple Watch so that you can get the most out of your wearable.

If you liked this tutorial and you want more Apple Watch info, then be sure to check out our Apple Watch guide. What do you think about Siri on Apple Watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.