Apple hiring senior hardware engineer for virtual reality space

Oculus Rift Crystal Cove (image 003)

Apple is looking to hire a Senior Display Systems Engineer for “display systems design and development related to VR environments,” a posting on Apple’s job page revealed on Thursday. The new job posting follows several patents for virtual reality that have popped up this year.

Apple says the senior engineer job will specify and test novel display systems for virtual environments, work with vendors to develop custom display solutions, design and select appropriate hardware and software components to optimize fidelity in a variety of VR environments, develop software to support displaying rendered image sequences on the display hardware, and work closely with software, electrical and mechanical engineers during testing and integration.

Apple has been awarded a handful of patents regarding VR headsets, suggesting that the company’s interest in the project continues to grow. In fact, it’s becoming a popular area for many tech giants, including Samsung, Facebook and Microsoft. Facebook revealed it plans to have virtual reality in its apps in the coming years.

A second job listing posted by Apple is looking for a Senior Display Software Engineer to support graphics software engineering efforts for VR environments. The engineer will “own the display pipeline from rendered image sequences to display hardware.”

The Cupertino firm has become seemingly more ambitious in recent years, unveiling a new smartwatch and mobile payment service last fall. Last week, rumors began to surface that it’s also now working on an electric car to compete with Tesla.

Source: Apple via 9to5mac