38 new and updated jailbreak tweaks worth a look at

Cydia iPhone 6

These last seven days marked another solid week of worthy jailbreak tweaks releases and updates, and as you know, Cydia isn’t necessarily a great place to discover what’s new or what’s been updated… which is why we’ve come up with this weekly wrapup of new and updated jailbreak tweaks.

Each tweak comes with a short description of what it actually does, as well as the price and a link to our post on iDB if we covered the tweak in question. Of course this is not a one hundred percent comprehensive list, so some tweaks might be missing, which is where you come in: if you see a tweak that was updated or released that is not on this list, simply add it up in the comments section.

New tweaks

Acapella: a gesture based tweak to control your Music ($1.99)

AirPlay Enabler: always show the AirPlay button in Control Center (free)

Battery Passcode: set a password based on the battery percentage. Warning: I tried it and it was buggy (free)

Brevity 2: shortcuts for your messages ($0.99 – review)

CarPlayiOS: lets you experiment with some CarPlay features, right on your iPhone (free – review)

Clex 2: a different way to interact with your music ($1.99)

ColorY0urBoard8: change the color of your keyboard ($1.99)

Contacts Photo Sync: import contact pictures from WhatsApp ($1)

Curtains: increases your privacy while using WhatsApp ($0.99)

DateText: customize the date subtitle on the Lock screen (free)

Dim: allows you to further dim your screen (free)

FaceBOpenIN: share Facebook photos in other apps (free)

FBCopyTXT: copy text in Facebook app (free)

FileBrowser: an advanced file management app (free – review)

InstaCopyTXT: copy text in Instagram app (free)

InstaOpenIN: share Instagram photos and videos in other apps (free)

KillBackground8: yet another tweak to kill backgrounded apps (free)

LockSmoother: customize the look of your Lock screen (free)

NoAudioRecorder: removes the recording button from Messages app (free)

Non-Stop Music 8: allows music to continue playing after a respring ($0.99)

NoUpdateHistory: deleted the history of your App Store app updates (free)

NoVolumeHUD: removes the volume HUD (free)

Power Informer: allows you to set battery alerts for any percentage level (free)

Predix: shows a countdown of how much more time your battery will last, or how much time it will take to reach 100% while charging ($1.49)

PreferenceTag2: group, move, and rearrange panels in the Settings app ($1.99)

Prettier Banners: add your contact’s photo to message notifications (free – review)

Simpler Photos: customize photo-related functions throughout iOS ($0.99)

Support Unsupported Accessories8: apparently allows you to use unsupported accessories (free)

Transference: reorder the different sections in the Settings app (free)

UnderFace: a variety of security and privacy enhancements for Facebook ($1)

WatchScreen: yet another tweak to bring Apple Watch UI to iOS ($1.29)

Updated tweaks

AnimateAll: animated boot logos on Lock and Home screens ($1.99)

CallShortcut: easily call people directly from the Home screen (free)

iCleaner: removes unnecessary files from your device (free)

MiniPlayer: it’s like iTunes mini player, but for iOS ($1.99)

Sesame: bypass the passcode if your Pebble is in range ($0.99)

Spectral: brings blurred album artworks to the Lock screen while music is playing (free)

TimePasscode: set a password based on the current time (free)

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