iCloud contacts missing? This is how to restore them

restore missing iCloud Contacts

The best thing about having my parents in town is that I get inundated with troubleshooting questions about iOS, providing me with an almost endless flow of topics to write about. The latest troubleshooting request relates to a mysterious case of missing iCloud contacts that would have apparently disappeared after an iOS update.

Are you experiencing lost or missing contacts as well? Then read on, as I’ll share one simple fix to restore iCloud contacts that might have gone missing.

Note that this post was done using an iPhone, but the solution to recover contacts that may have disappeared is the same whether you use an iPad or an iPod touch.

How to recover missing iCloud contacts

Before doing anything, I suggest you go to iCloud.com, login with your Apple ID and password, and go to the Contacts section. Make sure you do have contacts there. Obviously, if you don’t have any contacts in iCloud, you won’t be able to bring any of them back to your iPhone.

Step 1: First things first, you want to make sure that you have signed into iCloud. To make sure, go to Settings > iCloud. If you’re not signed in, login with your Apple ID and password. If you’re already signed in, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Still under Settings > iCloud, make sure that the Contacts toggle is on. If it’s not, turn it on. If your contacts still aren’t coming back, continue to step 3.

Step 3: In Settings > iCloud, turn the Contacts toggle off. You will be asked whether you want to keep or delete previously synced iCloud contacts. Choose delete. Don’t worry about losing anything since it will only delete the contacts that are locally stored on your iPhone or iPad. It will not delete contacts that are stored in iCloud.

Step 4: Now turn the Contacts toggle back on.

This trick should do it and all your iCloud contacts that were gone should have now been restored. As with any troubleshooting, your mileage may vary. I know it worked for my mom earlier today, and it also worked for me when I updated to iOS 10.

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