How to browse the content of your iCloud Drive from your iPhone or iPad

Cloud Drive Explorer 3

The concept behind iCloud Drive usage in iOS 8 has always seemed to be a tad unclear. Would iOS 8 come with a native Finder app? Would all apps have access to iCloud Drive?

Now that iOS 8 has been released, the answer to those questions have gained a lot of clarity. Nope, there is no native “Finder” app for browsing the contents of iCloud Drive. Yes, third-party apps can access iCloud Drive content, but they don’t necessarily have to.

If you want an app that’s solely designed around perusing the contents of your iCloud Drive, then Cloud Drive Explorer is something to consider. It’s available free of charge on the App Store, but it does have some significant limitations as well.

For starters, Cloud Drive Explorer can only be used to view the contents of iCloud Drive. Don’t expect to be able to save files, modify files, move files, or anything else like that. It’s purely for window shopping.

That said, you can use Cloud Drive Explorer to open files in supporting apps, so it has that going for it. It’s more of a one-lane highway that goes in one direction, than anything else. Finder, this is not.

But if you simply want to view the contents of your iCloud Drive, and things like creation date, last modified date, size, etc. Then Cloud Drive Explorer may be deep enough to meet your needs. You can download Cloud Drive Explorer from the App Store free of charge.

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