Auxo 2 gains iPad support

Auxo 2 iPad 2

As promised, a3tweaks has released Auxo 2 version 1.1, and it comes with full iPad support. I’ve been playing with Auxo 2 1.1 for a while, and I can confirm that the iPad support is well-done.

To be honest, Auxo 2 feels more suited for the iPad than the iPhone. I noted in our Auxo 2 review that the tweak’s Multi-Center view, a mode that combines both Control Center and the App Switcher, felt a bit cramped on the small 4″ screen of the iPhone 5s. It’s the complete opposite on the large screen of the iPad.

From a pure functionality standpoint, everything is pretty much the same as the previous version of Auxo 2. The big deal here is addition of iPad support, and it’s well-warranted. 

Everything you know and love about Auxo 2 is here. There’s Multi-Center view, Hot Corners for quickly dismissing apps, and, of course, my favorite feature of Auxo 2, the Quick Switcher.

All of the features found on the iPhone version of Auxo 2 have more or less made the cut, although you will notice less options to fool around with in the tweak’s preferences. This isn’t because Auxo 2 on the iPad is less-featured than its iPhone version, it’s just that the added real estate afforded to the iPad version allows for less finagling with different features to fit everything into view.

Auxo 2 iPad 1

At the end of the day, Auxo 2 is well-suited for the iPad, and, in my opinion, the iPad version of Auxo 2 is the definitive version. That’s not to say that it’s completely devoid of issues. In fact, one of the main complaints found with the iPhone version of Auxo 2 is present in version 1.1 for the iPad—the iOS 7 animations are too slow and methodical to keep up with the Quick Switcher. It won’t go noticed if you use the Quick Switcher infrequently, but if you try to take multiple stabs at using it in quick succession, lag will spoil your efforts.

Auxo 2 Clock

The icons are a bit small in Quick Switcher mode, and sometimes you get little glitches like this

I also noticed that some of the app icons found in the Quick Switcher are kind of weird looking. I’m sure that this is a bug that will be squashed in an upcoming update, but I thought I should bring it to your attention that I encountered this a few times.

The last little quibble that I have with Auxo 2 on the iPad, again, has to do with the Quick Switcher. With the larger screen of the iPad, the Quick Switcher app icons would benefit from a bump in size. They look a tad too small right now on such a large screen.

Despite those few issues, if you own a jailbroken iPad, you should definitely take Auxo 2 for a spin. If you already own Auxo 2, then the 1.1 version is a free upgrade. New users will need to shell out $3.99, and people that bought either the iPhone or iPad editions of the previous version of Auxo get discounts.

Are you a fan of Auxo on the iPad? Let me know what you think about Auxo 2 1.1 in the comments down below.