Study takes a look at app stability on iOS and Android

iPhone 5 Galaxy S4 (Tagscape 001)

Crittercism, a mobile application performance management (APM) solution, has posted a new study this weekend entitled Mobile Experience Benchmark. The 19-page document covers several topics, but perhaps most interesting is the section on app stability.

The firm took a look at mobile application crashes on various versions of iOS and Android, running on a wide range of devices. And what it found was that on Apple’s platform, iOS 7.1 is the most stable, and on Google’s platform, Android Gingerbread is the least…


While it may not be too surprising that apps running on newer versions of mobile operating systems crash less than those on older versions, Crittercism’s study did uncover something unexpected: apps running on iOS are more likely to crash than apps on Android.


Note that apps on iOS 6 crashed 2.5% of the time, and 2.6% on the iPad 2, and apps on Android Gingerbread and the Nexus 7 tablet each crashed 1.7% of the time. It’s also worth mentioning that the study only covers third-party apps, so  this doesn’t include stock titles.

Criterrcism has a fairly big reach, and is able to pull data from 1 billion devices. But this report certainly doesn’t take into account that over 80% of iOS users are on 7.0 or higher, which is likely much larger than the number of users on the latest Android versions.

Still, the report makes for an interesting read. You can find the whole thing here (via GigaOM).