How to quickly toggle iMessage read receipts


One of the coolest things about using iMessage is the fact that you can tell when others have read your messages. A read receipt toggle is built right into the stock Messages app, allowing users to enable or disable the feature at will.

Unfortunately, you have to venture into Settings > Messages to access this toggle. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily disable or enable read receipts from anywhere on your iOS device?

That’s the exact premise behind ReadReceiptsFS. It’s a toggle for the Flipswitch framework that allows you to easily toggle read receipts on the fly. Take a look inside to learn more.

CCControls Read Receipts

The new Read Receipts toggle appears as soon as you respring

Once you install ReadReceiptsFS, you can immediately start using it with any jailbreak tweak that incorporates the Flipswitch framework. My personal preference is CCControls,  a tweak that we’ve reviewed in the past, but there are loads of jailbreak tweaks that you can use to take advantage of the new toggle.

Read Receipts Toggle

This is the toggle that appears in the Messages app settings

Since ReadReceiptsFS is just a toggle add-on and not a tweak, there will be no options or settings to configure. All settings are configured exclusively with the host jailbreak tweak incorporating Flipswitch.

If you’d like to try ReadReceiptsFS, then venture over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for free. As always, we request that you please share your observations about the release in the comments section.