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If you’ve been on the lookout for not-to-be-missed discounts on some of the finest iPhone, iPad and Mac games around, worry not as iDownloadBlog has you covered.

A number of awesome games have been discounted temporarily by 50 percent or more this week, representing a nice opportunity to pick up premium titles half price.

This includes 2K Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown for both iOS and Mac, the excellent physical puzzler The Room Two by Fireproof Games, Uppercut Games’ Epoch.2, the award-winning Limbo by Playdead Studios, Crescent Moon Games’ Shadow Blade and more. Jump past the fold for your iTunes download links…

I’ve collected the following discounts on top iOS and Mac games:

LIMBO (Universal) – $1.99 [was $4.99] – This indie puzzle platformer was released last July and follows the adventures of an unnamed kid who enters the Limbo world in search of his sister. The game features gruesome imagery depicting the many ways your character can die, designed to steer you from unworkable solutions. Limbo was developed using the Box2D system to engineer the physics-based world and your character, as well as implement the 2D sidescrolling concept.

Shadow Blade (Universal) – $0.99 [was $1.99] – We reviewed this platform game last month. Shadow Blade invites you to jump across gaps, climb up steep walls, and kill bad guys, all while collecting coins and special symbols. It’s pretty hectic and difficult to beat, and even tougher to get all the items.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Universal) – $9.99 [was $19.99] – 2K Games released this premium strategy game in the App Store last summer. XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS is the full XCOM experience you’d expect from the popular PC and console franchise.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition for Mac – $24.99 [was $49.99] – available half price this week, XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition has you controlling an elite multinational paramilitary organization which must get rid of the alien scum invading the Earth. The game combines turn-based tactics, global strategy and sophisticated role-playing into a compelling experience.

The Bureau – XCOM Declassified (Mac) – $19.99 [was $29.99] – This all-new XCOM game for the Mac arrived in the Mac App Store last NovemberThe Bureau combines third-person tactical shooter elements while borrowing several strategy aspects from the classic XCOM titles, although it’s a standalone game in its own right. The game is set in the Cold War era when a far more powerful and insidious enemy than communism is threatening America. You’re in charge of a top-secret government unit called The Bureau and are tasked with investigating and concealing a series of mysterious attacks by an otherworldly enemy.

Infinity Blade III (Universal) – $2.99 [was $6.99] – Released last September, this elegiac masterpiece really needs no introduction. Developed on the Unreal Engine technology, the third (and final) installment in the Infinity Blade series is a system-seller. The game will know your socks off with console-grade graphics (especially if you own an A7-powered device), RPG elements, intelligent enemies, vast environments and the combat/upgrade system. Loyal fans will appreciate frequent updates adding up to the experience with new items, locations, enemies and quests.

The Room Two (Universal) – $0.99 [was $2.99] – Developed by Fireproof Studios, the sequel to The Room for iPhone ($0.99 in the App Store), which was the iTunes Store Game of the Year, brings an interesting mix of horror, quest and puzzle solving. The Room Two picks up where the previous game left off, which mens new rooms and boxes to explore and plenty of new puzzles to solve. Those who haven’t played the original game needn’t despair as The Room Two has a story of its own and features all new puzzles. Read Lory’s review here.

Epoch.2 (Universal) – $0.99 [was $4.99] – This apocalyptic robot shooter has extraordinary graphics, great mechanics and overall design which you don’t normally see in the App Store. The time and effort that goes into making an epic game is worth more than $0.99, which is what most consumers want to pay for an iOS game. The engaging story will keep you glued to the screen and fans of cover system games will love playing a console classic genre on a mobile device. Read Lory’s review here.

Duet Game (Universal) – $0.99 [was $2.99] – This novel game has you solving musical mazes by touching either the right or left side of the screen to rotate your two connected vessels. You must avoid various geometrically designed objects such as squares, rectangles or triangles. On paper, it sounds pretty dull. But if you trust Lory, fans of traditional arcade games will appreciate its addictiveness and precision timing that’s reminiscent of the 1980s arcade games.

Another World – 20th Anniversary (Universal) – $0.99 [was $3.99] – Bulkypix’s remake of the classic 1991 platform adventurer, Another World, puts you in the shoes of a scientist who gets accidentally hurled through space and time by a nuclear experiment gone wrong. You’ll need to dodge, outsmart and overcome the host of alien monsters and deadly earthquakes that plague the unsettling alien landscape and environments. There are three difficulty modes to choose from and you can play this remake with all-new HD graphics or switch to the original artwork. Members of the iDownloadBlog team who remember the original game quickly fell in love with the remake.

Another World – 20th Anniversary (Mac)$0.99 [was $9.99] – at this price, the Mac edition of Another World – 20th Anniversary should be a no-brainer.

Also, Final Fantasy IV is now $7.99, down from $15.99, and the 2013 Apple Design Award Winner, Badland, has gone temporarily from $3.99 to just 99 cents.

The usual caveats apply: these are time-limited promotions so if you’re going to take advantage of the discounts, better act now before prices go back up again.

See anything you like?