How to use Spotlight Search to look up the definition of words


I like to say that the best tweaks are often the most simple ones. I also like to say that there are tweaks for just about everybody, and something that works great for me might be completely useless to you.

This is the case of SpotDefine, a new tweak by Tyler Hoffman that lets you use Spotlight Search on iOS 7 to look up the definition of words…

The idea behind SpotDefine isn’t anything new. Veteran jailbreakers might remember a tweak by the name of SpotDict, which pretty much did the same thing. SpotDict hasn’t been updated in a while though, and SportDefine is the new tweak in town to bring word definitions from a quick Spotlight search.

After downloading the tweak from Cydia, go to the Home screen and pull down to bring up Spotlight Search. Type the word you want to get the definition for and tap “Search for Definition.” SpotDefine will then grab the definition of the word from the built-in iOS 7 dictionary.

SpotDefine doesn’t come with any settings or options, which I think is too bad. If I had my ways to improve this tweak, I would like the ability to rearrange the “Search for Definition” option in Settings > General > Spotlight Search. In the same way I can rearrange what kind of content shows up first when I type in Spotlight (ie. Apps, Contacts, Music, etc), I would like to be able to drag “Search for Definition” on top so that this option becomes readily available when I start typing.

But this is me being nitpicky. SpotDefine works great, and best of all, it is free in the BigBoss repo.

Is SpotDefine something you would use? Or would you rather use Siri or a quick Google search to get the definition you’re looking for?