Apple posts slides, videos from iOS 7 Tech Talk tour


Every year, Apple hosts a series of Tech Talk developer sessions around the globe. They’re very similar to the sessions held at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference in June, but obviously on a much broader scale.

This year’s iOS 7 Tech Talks ran from October through December, in various cities like London, New York and Shanghai. And for those that couldn’t make it in person, Apple’s just posted slides and videos from the sessions online…

Apple posted PDF slide decks and videos from this year’s Tech Talks tour to its developer portal this afternoon. The sessions covered a wide range of topics including App Store distribution, UI design, security, privacy and more.

“Get in-depth guidance about developing for iOS 7, learn practical coding tips and tricks, and obtain valuable one-on-one programming and design assistance in our lab. Choose which day is best for you — app developer day or game developer day. Apply now.”

The good news is, these materials are available to all registered developers—even the ones that don’t pay the annual $99 fee. No, they won’t turn you into an app-making machine, but they could help budding devs hone their skills.