How to create blank folder names, no jailbreak required

Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Even if you don’t like coffee, you still might fancy downloading the official Starbucks app. That’s because it allows you to create blank folder names on a non-jailbroken device.

I know, that sounds weird, but hear me out. Whenever you use the Starbucks app to create a folder, the folder name is completely empty, and you can save it like that on your Home screen.

Normally, at least on non-jailbroken devices, you’re not able to create a folder without a name. Even if you ‘x’ out the name, or try to use spaces for the name, iOS forces you to use the original name of the folder. That is, of course, unless you try out this bizarre little trick. Check out our video showing how it works inside.

Special thanks to @joshuaefels for dropping us a line about this. We know that it’s easy to create blank folder names on jailbroken devices, but we can’t remember ever being able to do so on a stock iOS device.

We imagine that the Starbucks app isn’t the only app to make this happen. Have you found any other apps that allow you to do the same thing?

Update: Okay, it looks like a lot of the Apps from the “Food & Drink” category do this. For example, the Better Homes & Garden app. So if coffee isn’t you thing, you have choices, people.