Stop-motion vid pays homage to retro gaming using iPad mini and Nexus 7 components

iFixit retro gaming tablet video

Over the years, repair shop iFixit has torn apart hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile devices so the world could understand how these things are made, and more importantly – how our gadgets fare from the repairability standpoint.

Today, the iFixit blog is highlighting something completely different, a cool stop-motion animation by Martin Spengler and German ad shop LAB BINÆR.

The charming video is well worth a watch: it’s a clever homage to retro gaming that uses the disassembled iPad mini and Nexus 7 components to build levels reminiscent of some of the widely popular old-school games…

Here it is.

While we’re at iFixit, they gave the iPad mini a repairability score of just two out of ten, because it’s held together with “gobs of glue,” so hassle-free repairs are tough.

ifixit ipad mini 1

By comparison, Google’s Nexus 7 earned a repairability score of seven out of ten – even beating the iPad 3 on repairability. Speaking of stop-motion videos, check out another LAB BINÆR work below.

So, are these some of the greatest stop-motion vids to adorn your screen or what?