How to add a translucent status bar to Safari

TranslucentStatusBar for Safari Featured

Have you ever wished for the ability to see through Safari’s status bar while browsing your favorite websites on your iPhone? If so, then TranslucentStatusBar for Safari might be right up your alley. It’s a tweak that forces the status bar to be translucent while using the stock Mobile Safari app. Check inside for a video walkthrough of the tweak in action.

Once installed, there are no options of settings to configure, it just starts working out of the box. As you would expect, the status bar is translucent, meaning it’s not exactly clear, but you can see the contents of a web page through the tinted status bar.

The tweak isn’t perfect. Whenever a page is loading and the loading bar chrome is present, there’s a weird looking gap that occurs between the loading bar UI, which is opaque, and the status bar, which is translucent. It makes for a jarring look that’s anything but attractive. Once the loading bar is finished, the top Safari chrome goes away, and all is well.

If you can get passed this minor quibble, then you may want to take TranslucentStatusBar for a spin. It’s a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think in the comments section.