Here comes the Google Glass photographer

Google Glass photographer

Although I haven’t yet convinced iDB’s own Sebastien Page to buy me a Google Glass, I’m a big fan of the Internet giant’s augmented-reality eyewear. But just like the majority of respondents in our non-scientific poll, I too would rather wear Apple’s rumored iWatch over Google’s wearable gizmo.

The biggest problem with Glass, as I see it, is social rather than technical. With that in mind, here’s something you could be seeing real soon: the Google Glass photographer.

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First thing that comes to mind: there’s going to be a lot of arrests due to Glassholes, as opponents mockingly refer to the Glass-toting folks. To those wondering about the tune: it’s original work by the guy wearing a Glass for this video.

In other Glass news, developer James Rundquist has come up with a nice little application called Glass Nest that lets you control the Nest thermostat with your face.

The software lets you set your Nest to away mode, control the temperature and perform other functions via your Glass. As a bonus, it’ll automatically wake Nest up upon arriving home.

Glass Nest

When I showed Google Nest to Sebastien, his instant reaction was like, “I wanna do this from my iWatch.”

Oh, and Google last week released an official Glass software development kit that lets third-parties write offline apps for the device. Shortly after, Glass apps from CNN, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, CNN, Elle and Tumblr launched.

Twitter is especially interesting.

Its Glass app, as you could imagine, supports interactions with your mentions and direct messages, though it’s primarily focused on easy photo sharing because taking photos is one of the killer Glass apps.

Twitter for Google Glass

Last, but not the least, adult app developer MiKandi confirmed to ZDNet that it’s making a Google Glass porn app.

Here’s a slightly NSFW promo.

Taking it all in, Glass clearly has some potential.

However, unless we as a society come up with new social norms governing the use of devices like the Glass, someone is going to slap Google with a massive privacy lawsuit.