SoundCloud now has Google+ Sign-In and sharing

SoundCloud 2.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Nearly a year ago, the Internet giant rolled out Google+ Sign-In as a way to counter Facebook Connect, a feature web site owners predominantly tap to simplify the sign in and account creation process for their users.

The Google+ SDK for iOS was released shortly after, giving Apple’s registered iOS developers a set of tools and social plugins to write programs that are deeply integrated with the Google+ thing.

Although apps that support Google+ Sign-In are few and far between, at least relative to Facebook Connect-enabled mobile software, more and more developers are integrating Google+ features into their warez. The latest example: SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform that today updated its iOS app with support for Google+ Sign-In and sharing…

Support for Google+ Sign-In in the new SondCloud version 2.6 makes it possible to log in or create an account just by providing your Google+ credentials. The feature works just like advertised and is much akin to Facebook Connect.

Upon providing your Google+ credentials and approving the integration, the app pulls your Google+ user name, email address, profile image and other data, saving time versus manually filling in your information.

SoundCloud 2.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)SoundCloud 2.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

And if you’re an active Google+ user, you can now easily share your audio files on Google’s social thing. Another small tweak: SoundCloud has brought back the Airplay icon in the player so you can stream your music to Airplay-enabled speakers and AirPort devices or to your telly through the Apple TV.

The Android build was updated with Google+ Sign-In features last week.

On a related note, Google late-April promised to surface app activities in Google Search through Google+ Sign-In integration.

SoundCloud app activity on Google search
An example app activity aggregation for SoundCloud in Google search.

This augments your search experience by adding a layer containing, say, the most popular SoundCloud activities by your friends. That additional information is displayed right along your search results on, provided you are signed in when searching.

The SoundCloud app is available free on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store for Android.