Grabby is a new customizable camera grabber tweak


When Ryan Petrich releases a new tweak, people take note. And that’s the case with his latest creation, Grabby, which is currently available as a beta in his personal repo.

Based on a concept by UI designer Sentry, Grabby is a customizable camera grabber tweak, and it allows you to slide the Lock screen’s camera grabber to launch more apps. Take a look inside for a further description and screenshots…

Grabby cydia

Instead of simply sliding up on the camera grabber to launch the camera app from your Lock screen, Grabby allows you to move the grabber to the left in order to select and launch additional apps. These apps, Messages, Phone, and Music, can be customized to launch anything you want via Grabby’s preferences. Once you highlight a specific app on the Lock screen, simply slide up like you normally would to launch the app of your choice.

Grabby Settings

Grabby can be downloaded from Petrich’s beta repo for free. Simply add his repo — — to your Cydia sources in order to find it. I’ve used it, and while it’s still in beta, it looks and feels very promising. Let me know what you think about it.