Did you know you could delete digits in the Calculator app by swiping?

calculator trick 1

We’ve come across some pretty cool tricks in iOS over the years. There’s the six hidden buttons on the iPad’s split keyboard, the long-hold action in the Mail app that brings up your last draft, and my favorite, Photo Stream websites.

Today we’ve got another neat little tidbit to share with you involving the stock Calculator application. I know, for most of you this app rarely gets touched. But for those of you that use it more often, this tip could prove very useful…

Open up the Calculator app on your iPhone or iPod touch, and enter in several numbers. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, just make sure you do more than 1 or 2 for the purpose of this demonstration. Then try to delete them.

Now, the title has probably already tipped you off. But most users will tap the ‘Clear’ button, effectively deleting all numbers at once. This means that even if you only messed up a single digit in your equation, you’d have to start all over.

But there is a way to delete each digit one-by-one that not everyone knows about it. Simply swipe from left to right in the middle of the ‘LCD screen’ box at the top where the numbers are, and the app will remove the last digit entered.

And that’s pretty much it. Again, nothing groundbreaking here. And a lot of you may have already known about this trick. But for those that didn’t, I think you’ll find that this really comes in handy—especially with multistep math problems.