Twelve South launches sleek BookArc stand for iPad mini

TwelveSouth BookArc for iPad mini (image 001)

Twelve South makes some of the finest and most beautifully designed accessories for Apple gear, such as its highly-regarded BookBook case series for the MacBook AiriPad mini, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, the premium, nearly invisible SurfacePad iPhone sleeve or the charming PlugBug charging kit.

Today, Twelve South announced an iPad mini variant of its iPad stand. The arc-shaped BookArc stand looks like a piece of sci-fi furniture and is designed (like its MacBook Air counterpart) to support your iPad in either portrait or landscape on a bunch of flat surfaces…

It weighs just 448 grams, or 1.4 pounds, and comes with two silicone fit inserts to protect your iPad mini when it’s supported by the BookArc (these are compatible with all iPad models).

And if you already have the BookArc stand for the regular-size iPad, Twelve South will be offering inserts to fit your iPad mini “within the next few weeks.”

A media release says the BookArc for iPad mini is fashioned from a sliver of heavy steel:

Use it in the kitchen to raise iPad up off the counter while you swipe through recipes or stream a cooking video. At the breakfast bar, BookArc for iPad is perfect for catching up with family and friends during a hands-free FaceTime chat.

I’ve in fact been using my iPad a lot in the kitchen to access recipes and stuff. Don’t worry, the accessory has the soft, silicone feet  to protect your expensive furniture and other surfaces you set it on.

TwelveSouth BookArc for iPad mini (image 002)

I can easily imagine docking my iPad mini in landscape and pairing it with an Apple Wireless Keyboard, creating an instant workstation for prolonged text entry.

The stand helps your device become a secondary screen to monitor your Twitter stream, stocks, RSS feeds, notifications and so forth, with its shiny steel design complementing Mac desktop setups.

The BookArc for iPad mini will set you back $29.99. Twelve South is accepting orders via its web store, with free shipping in the United States.