New webstore offers all of your favorite Apple-related Kickstarter projects

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Are you an iPhone or iPad user who’s always looking for cool new accessories? If so, you might be interested in knowing that there’s a new website out (well, it’s relaunching) that offers a range of Apple add-ons that aren’t typically sold in stores.

The site, called BiteMyApple, is billed as a one-stop accessory shop for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers. And its entire inventory is filled with products that were once successful Kickstarter projects. More details after the fold…

The website itself is simple enough. It has a grid-like layout that includes a photo of each product, along with its name and price. Clicking on the picture leads users to a more detailed description of the product, and the option to add it to their cart.

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What’s cool about this shop is that all of the items up for sale were brought to the market by Kickstarter. In fact, we’ve covered a number of them here on iDB, including the Auris Bluetooth dongle, the AL13 iPhone bumper, and the USB ChargeCard.

And the best part is, all of these products have made it through the whole Kickstarter process, and are already in production. So you can finally purchase that MobileMount without worrying about when, or if, you’re ever going to see a finished product.

We love Kickstarter, as it facilitates innovation and the creation of new products. And this is a great way to get your hands on those products. BiteMyApple offers about 40 items right now, and continues to build on that. Click here if you’d like to check it out.

What do you think, cool idea or no?