Authorized Service Provider 101 and other internal Apple videos leaked

apple store logo shadow man

Apple’s penchant for secrecy extends far beyond the black cloaks and locked doors inside its R&D labs. Nearly every facet of its business is a mystery—from the way it chooses which new markets to enter, to its retail strategies. Unless of course, leaks happen.

And a big one happened this morning. Sonny Dickson, a self-proclaimed iOS consultant, has posted several Apple training videos and other internal materials including in-store repair guides for the iPhone 4 and a demo of its iPad diagnostic software…

The first clip up is entitled ‘Internal – Apple Authorized Service Provider 101.’ It’s older—it looks like it’s from 2007—but it still provides an interesting look at Apple’s authorized service program. The people in the video almost talk about Apple like it’s a cult.

Next up we have a video named ‘Apple Internal – iPad 2 Diagnostics Software.’ The software itself is called “MMI” (version 1096.5), and similar to the iPhone’s “Skank Phone” app, it offer ups several diagnostic tools for the core features of Apple’s popular tablet.

And finally, we have some in-house iPhone 4 repair guides for Apple Store employees. First up is vibe motor replacement.

SIM Tray replacement.

And camera test.

Dickson has also posted AppleCare Service Training Docs for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro and Apple Technician Guides for the iPhone 4/4S. Just click each link to view the documents on his website. There are also some other interesting clips on his YouTube channel.

We imagine all of this material is covered by an extensive NDA (non disclosure agreement), so it probably won’t be long before Apple’s legal team has it taken down.