Jorno may be the pocketable Bluetooth keyboard you’ve been waiting for

If you are in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard, there are plenty to keep you guessing. However, I am yet to find a model that collapses into a small portable unit for grab-and-go solutions. Today, Jorno utilizes the small, compact design you may be looking to discover and is launching on Kickstarter.

At 3.5″x3.5″x1.2″ folded, the Jorno promises to fit in any travel bag or even a back pocket. With a 2011 Design and Engineering Showcase Honors from International CES, it should raise a few eyebrows as it makes its way around the net…

At its core, Jorno is an attempt to solve the tactical woes of all virtual keyboard devices. The Bluetooth keyboard helps the user more easily enter data through a small mobile device or tablet. Jorno stands out because the foldable portability does not restrict the user with a bulky interface and even cradles an iPhone or iPad.

The built in rechargeable battery uses an included micro USB cable and offers 30 days of “normal” usage, but it is safe to say, this will vary per user.

I used a similar device around 10 years ago with a small PDA. It was handy during meetings and quick on-the-go email sessions in a coffee shop or car. Designed with mobile power users in mind, make sure to support Jorno on Kickstarter, where you can nab one at a starting pledge of $79. Actual retail is $119 and initial early bird prices are limited to the first 500 backers.

Are you a fan of tactile keyboards and, if so, would be willing to carry one around in your pocket?