Native Google+ app coming soon to iPad

It looks just gorgeous on that Retina display, Google’s Vic Gundotra said, just announcing a brand new native Google+ client for iPad. It’s coming “very, very soon” to Apple’s tablet and it’s available now for Android devices…

The executive bragged about the app being snappy, seamless, beautifully designed (“this stream just feels great to use”) and demoed a few features and remarked how “actions are not just prominent, but playful”.

“Hangouts enables a kind of intimacy that’s not possible on other devices”, Gundotra said demoing a multi-video chat.

Here’s what Hangouts in the Google+ for Android app look like.

You can pin videos, swipe left and right to see who’s in room and it’ll automatically switch view to focus on the person doing the talking and more.

Other features include brand new Google+ Events with deep integration with Google Calendar, enhanced notifications, brand new profiles and what not.


According to Google:

Inviting someone to your home, your wedding or your favorite restaurant is a deeply personal act. You’re handpicking who’ll be in the room, after all, so invitees should feel part of something special. That’s why Google+ Events offers meaningful ways to build and send beautiful invitations.

Here’s how beautiful the invitations can be.


The new Party mode is interesting, letting a bunch of people take photos and automatically share them with members of a certain event (i.e. weddings, parties, etc.). All photos get uploaded and stored in the same place, sorted in chronological order, with comments, face tags, profile links and everything you’d expect.

Here’s Party mode in action.



Gundotra also updated us on some important Google+ metrics.

Google’s social thing now has 250 million users worldwide, a quarter of Facebook’s billion active user base. Over 150 million users are active at least once a month, and fifty percent of them sing in daily and spend approximately twelve minutes on average in the Google+ stream.


Way more information is available in a post over at the official Google blog.

Do you use Google+ at all?