iOS 6 allows you to login to separate iTunes and iCloud accounts on the same device [updated]

One of the big problems with the introduction of iCloud, was the inability to properly segregate it from iTunes accounts on a single iOS device. With iOS 5, you had one iTunes ID, and that same ID was used for iCloud.

While in many circumstances this posed no issue, (ad there are a few inconvenient work-arounds) it did cause problems for those whose purchases were tied up to a particular iTunes ID. I’m happy to report that this is no longer a problem in iOS 6, as it now allows you to log in with separate iTunes and iCloud IDs upon first setup…

This means it’s now totally possible to have the unique mail, reminders, bookmarks, and various other privileges that come with iCloud:

While still retaining the benefits of all of the app purchases, music, etc from an alternate iTunes account:

You don’t necessarily have to take advantage of the separate IDs, but it’s nice to see that Apple has listened to the users who found the prior restriction to be an issue.

What do you think? Are you happy to finally see separate login capability?

Update: Apparently you could already do this in iOS 5, though the method for doing so has definitely changed a bit. Sorry if I made you excited for nothing.