Analyst predicting 65 million iPads to be sold this year

Apple’s third-generation iPad is set to go on sale this Friday at 8am. After already selling out of the first wave of pre-orders, Apple’s customers are hoping to get in line to claim the new iPad. iPad sales for Friday have been forecasted to hit one million.

Riding off the assumed success of the new iPad, analysts from Canaccord Genuity are saying that Apple will sell 65 million iPads in 2012…

Analysts in the past have already predicted Apple to sell a record number of iPads this year, as new customers are ready to test the tablet waters. Earlier this month, an analyst said Apple will blow past its 100 millionth iPad sold this year.

Cupertino-based Apple just came off of a monstrous quarter, reporting record earnings and sales across the board. Apple sold 15 million iPads in one quarter alone, so 65 million certainly seems doable.

The new iPad will add to boosted sales, but the marked-down iPad 2 should also contribute to a good portion. Priced at $399, the iPad 2 is a good entry tablet for new customers. While it’s not as well spec’d as the new iPad, it does have the hardware to get the job done. Apple currently holds the title as top tablet manufacturer worldwide.

Apple said that demand for the third-generation iPad has been off the charts, seeing record pre-orders. Analysts are already predicting sales for 2013, saying a total of 90.6 million units will be sold.

Keep up with iDB, Friday, where we’ll be showing off the new iPad in its entirety.

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