eBay offering up to $475 for your old iPad

It’s iPad upgrade time, but if you’d rather move your old iPad on before stumping up the cash for a brand new one, then eBay may be the place to check out.

As part of its Instant Sale system, eBay is currently offering some surprisingly competitive prices for the iPad 2, with potential sellers not having to wait for a lengthy auction process to complete before knowing a sale is guaranteed.

Depending on your particular flavor of iPad 2, you could be looking to receive anything between $290 and $475 via Paypal, assuming your device is in good condition…

Price-wise, a 16GB WiFi iPad 2 will net sellers $290, with the 32GB version raking in $340. Finally, the 64GB model is worth a whopping $420. The addition of 3G to the equation will result in a bounty of $355 for a 16GB version, $380 for a 32GB model, and a sum of $475 for a 64GB AT&T iPad 2.

It’s true that sellers could potentially receive more via a traditional auction, but this offers a quick fix and we all know us Apple fans don’t like to wait for anything!

Whether Instant Sale or auction, it may be worth pulling the trigger sooner rather than later. The more people that offer their iPads up for sale, the lower the price you will inevitably receive. It’s a buyer’s market folks!

Will you be selling your iPad 2 via eBay?