Cat Playing Fruit Ninja is Super Awesome

We’ve conducted extensive tests here at iDB, and we have come to the cat-egorical (see what we did there?) conclusion that there is nothing more awesome on this planet than cats. Ceiling cat, keyboard cat, the list goes on.

Now we can add Fruit Ninja cat to the growing list of fantastic felines, after a video surfaced of one such feline showing that fruit just who the boss really is.

Just watch this video, we dare, nay double-dare you to not raise a smile. Perhaps even giggle a tad…


The video shows a cat playing, and frankly owning, Fruit Ninja on an iPad. That cat’s got some skills! In fact, it’s probably better than the majority of the iDB team!

If you want to teach your cat to play Fruit Ninja and for some reason do not already own it, you can download it from the App Store right now for just $2.99.