iStation Keyboard and Speaker Dock: Retro Class Comes to the iPad

Normally, something going by the name of “iStation” would make us cringe, but this time around we’re going to make an exception. This particular iStation takes us back to our youth, and we love it!

This iStation is an iPad stand that also doubles as a home for speakers and a Bluetooth keyboard, both of which are included in the $140 asking price. Once everything is hooked up and switched on, the whole thing gives the effect of an old-school computer, just like we used to have when we were kids. (Stop laughing in the back there, we’re not that old!)

Call us crazy, but there is just something appealing about taking a state-of-the-art tablet and making it look like an old PC. No, really…

The iStation comes in two colors, with either “pearl white” or “faux woodgrain” available with good ol’ plywood underneath both finishes. If the videos do the iStation justice, we’re probably more inclined to go with the woodgrain ourselves.


Technology-wise, the keyboard and speakers connect to the iPad over Bluetooth, with the keyboard itself being removable should you just want to use it without the stand. There is also a built-in USB port for either charging your iPad or plugging into a USB stick. Check out that giant volume knob, too!

If the iStation floats your boat, and it certainly does ours, then you can pick one up now from M.I.C Gadget for $140.90, including $55 for shipping.