‘BatteryCenter’ And ‘PowerCenter Pro’ Juice Up Notification Center

Normally, I don’t like to combine coverage of multiple jailbreak tweaks in a single post, but this go ’round, it was definitely appropriate.

BatteryCenter is a free iOS 5 Notification Center widget, which brings battery stats directly to iOS 5’s convenient pull down menu. PowerCenter Pro is the upgraded version of BatteryCenter, and it features additional options not found in its free version.

Both widgets are created by the same developer, and can be downloaded from Cydia. How do they stack up? Check inside for the video lowdown of each tweak…



PowerCenter Pro


BatteryCenter is the free version of PowerCenter Pro, and as a result, it is completely devoid of any options, outside of a visual representation of your current battery percentage.

PowerCenter Pro keeps the battery details, and throws in options like toggles and general device info. The upgrade will set you back $2.49 on Cydia.

I must admit, that’s quite an expensive upgrade, considering SBSettings performs pretty much all of the same functions outside of the battery details. That fact in itself may make PowerCenter Pro a hard sell.

Still, if you’re interested, and you have a jailbroken iOS 5 device, venture over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to try it for yourself.

Have you experienced any hands on time with either tweak? If so, what did you think?