Pro Tip: How to Hide Your App Store Purchases

Back in June, Apple kicked off its iCloud initiative by enabling users to download previously purchased apps. The feature allows users to redownload applications that they may have lost, without the need to sync up with a computer.

Although it’s convient, the feature can come back to bite you. Imagine that new lady friend of yours discovering that you’ve downloaded things like the Bathing Nudes Puzzle. Embarrassing right? Well lucky for you, there’s a way to prevent this…

iClarified spotlights an interesting tip that allows you to hide the previously downloaded apps that you don’t want anyone to see. You can actually hide and unhide the applications from within the App Store, and it’s super easy.

Step 1. Start up the App Store on your iDevice of choice (it should sync with the others).

Step 2. Tap the Update tab on the bottom toolbar, and select the Purchased tab at the top. You should now see a list of all of your previously download applications.

Step 3. Now pick out the apps that you wish to hide, and perform the swipe gesture on each title. Doing this should reveal a Hide button, and tapping it will make the application disappear.

What do you do if you want to make them reappear? Still in the App Store, select the Featured tab from the bottom toolbar. Scroll all the way to the bottom, tap on your Apple ID, and select View Account. Here you’ll find your hidden applications.

Any questions?