After Less Than a Day in Charge, Apple CEO Tim Cook: “I’m Thinking Printers”

What will people always need? Printers, of course.

Will the news that Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has made it his first initiative to delay the iPhone 5 and focus all of Apple’s resources on innovation in printer technology.

Well, not really. But check out The Onion’s hilarious report…

“SAN FRANCISCO—Following the resignation of Apple founder Steve Jobs, incoming CEO Tim Cook called a meeting of shareholders and members of the press Thursday morning to announce that he envisioned printers as the company’s future. “Laser, ink-jet, double-sided, color, black-and-white—the future of technology is in printers. I am absolutely convinced of that,” Cook explained to a packed auditorium as a montage of printers and people using printers played on a screen behind him. “What is the one thing people will always need? It’s obvious: printers. Printers with fax machines attached, printers that collate and staple, perhaps a printer that makes photocopies. Anything’s possible. It’s called innovation.” Cook concluded his remarks by assuring investors the release of upcoming Apple products such as the iPhone 5 would be postponed for at least four years so the company could throw all its time and resources into the creation of high-quality printers for the home and office.”