New Hack Turns Your iPad 3G into a Phone to Allow Calls, SMS, and More

While the jailbreak scene is home to a lot of apps and utilities that make our lives easier, it is also a hot bed for innovation. Since the Cydia App Store has very little submission guidelines, developers can use forbidden API’s as their hearts’ desire.

While you may not necessarily “need” this utility, it definitely falls in the innovative category. The guys over at iPhoneIslam have created an app that turns your 3G-modeled iPad into a talking, texting iPhone. Don’t believe it? Video after the break…

From the folks that brought you the FaceIt3GS tweak, comes PhoneItiPad. They claim that you won’t need any special hardware, and you will be able to do anything you would expect to do from your iPhone. This includes FaceTime (by #), phone calls, and text messaging.

The developers just uploaded this video to their YouTube channel a few hours ago, with the description “a hack that will change the game.” Though there is currently no release date, they expect the app to be in Cydia very soon.

While I would typically be more skeptical of such a blurry, low light film, this one comes from a trusted source. These guys have been responsible for multiple impressive Cydia submissions, but I think this one certainly takes the cake.

Forget the Android phones with 4.3in screens, I’m going with the 9.7. Can you imagine your iPad ringing in public? I challenge you to answer it while in line at the bank, just like you would a typical cell phone, without smirking.

What do you think?