Apple Accidentally Shipping White iPhones With In-House Software?

Everyone knows by now that the white iPhone 4 is shipping worldwide. While the 10 month-long wait for the mysterious device has finally come to an end, is it really the end of the white iPhone 4 saga? Maybe not.

Since its launch last week, renowned iDevice hacker chpwn has been asking the Twitter nation to check their new white iPhone 4s for special markings. Apparently, a few lucky folks have limited edition iPhones and may not even know it…

Chpwn has been requesting that anyone who receives a white iPhone 4 with “XX GB” on the back notify him immediately. Additionally, he suggests that recent white iPhone purchasers check their Settings for an “Internal Settings” option.

He states that if anyone has a model with either of those characteristics, he’d be willing to pay big bucks for it. It seems as though Apple has inadvertently shipped iPhones with special in-house software. Chpwn warns that if you have one of these special devices, do not restore it.

The former Chronic Dev team member believes that whatever is on these units could be useful in future jailbreaks. If you come across one of these gems, feel free to email him at with pictures. It’ll be interesting to see what develops from this, and to find out what is so special about the software on these phones.

Does anyone have a white iPhone matching chpwn’s description? What could the secret inside that chpwn wants so badly?