Watch Every March Madness Game for Free on Your iPhone

I love college basketball, particularly March Madness. Games go into overtime, double overtime, it’s a fight to the finish. I also love my iPhone 4. It literally does everything.

So what happens when you combine my two favorite things? You get NCAA March Madness On Demand. The app that has been bringing every live March Madness game to your iDevice for the last two years is back and better than ever.

You might remember the name as CBS Sports March Madness. However since the tournament is now broadcasted on multiple networks, the CBS moniker is gone. Something else absent from the 2011 version is the price tag.

The application is a completely free download, a nice change from last year’s $10 price tag. In case you were wondering what a free app can get you, pay attention. March Madness is the single elimination tournament between the top 60 or so college basketball teams in the country. That’s 60 + games where everything is on the line for both teams.

You can watch any game you want to, LIVE on your iPhone. There are no DVR functions or previously recorded games, but there are so many games to be played that it shouldn’t disappoint you.

The menus are easy to navigate and the graphics look wonderful on my iPhone 4 retina display. The list of features isn’t terribly long, but there is one element of the app I have to mention. The game alerts.

It makes use of your iPhone’s lovely push notification system and alerts you for any number of customizable reasons. I have mine set to alert me basically any time a game is close inside 5 minutes, that way I never miss any of the action.

Surprisingly, streaming video over 3G looked noticeably better than it did over Wi-Fi. But both versions were certainly watchable, especially for a free app. Audio in both 3G and Wi-Fi modes is crisp and clear, so if you plan on just listening to the games there’s no difference.

This wasn’t meant to be an in depth review, just a heads up to any of our readers that are NCAA Basketball fans and weren’t aware of this little gem. You can download NCAA March Madness On Demand for free in the App Store.

Has anyone tried this app out yet? Do you use something different to get your college basketball fix? Tell us below!