The $500 ZAGGsparq Giveaway

Following our review of the ZAGGsparq yesterday, the folks at ZAGG decided to give 5 of them away to iDB readers. That’s a total value of about $500. Not bad, not bad at all.

So who are the 5 lucky winners going to be? The rules are pretty simple. Just leave a comment below and explain us why you should win a ZAGGsparq. But that’s not all, you can score some extra points and increase your chances of winning…

To do so, simply retweet this post on Twitter and/or “like” this post on Facebook by hitting the button at the bottom or top of this post. It’s that simple.

The winners will be contacted by email this Friday.

If you don’t win, don’t be disappointed because you didn’t completely lose either. You can get 20% off the ZAGGsparq (or any other ZAGG accessory) by using the “zagg20” coupon code.

Good luck everyone!