Month: January 2011

Apple’s Co-founder, Steve Wozniak, Confirms That the White iPhone 4 Will Ship Soon

Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, recently confirmed that issues with the infamous white iPhone 4 are fixed and that the product would be ready to ship in the near future. In an interview with Engadget, Woz addressed some of the mysterious problems that have been preventing¬†the white iPhone 4 from shipping.

According to Woz, the white paint was not the only problem with the mythical unicorn. The white iPhone parts were causing the iPhone’s camera to malfunction.

In the interview, Woz claims that Apple has fixed the production line issues with the white iPhone 4, and that shipping should begin in the distant future…

3DBoard Versus DeepEnd – Which iPhone 3D Jailbreak Tweak Reigns Supreme?

When we first posted about 3DBoard — a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that lends a 3D effect to your Home screen — we were excited. When Ryan Petrich one-upped the release of 3DBoard with his own tweak entitled DeepEnd, we were delighted.

That’s because not only was DeepEnd available first, it kept a few extra dollars in our pockets by being free. But free doesn’t¬†necessarily¬†mean better; after all, you get what you pay for, or do you?

Check inside for the full video evidence, as we compare these two popular iPhone jailbreak tweaks head-to-head…

Goodbye 1984? Motorola Preparing Scathing Anti-Apple Commercial to Premier During Super Bowl

I have to admit, this is a pretty good commercial. But will it actually change anyone’s mind when it comes to purchasing an iPhone or an iPad?

Will people walk into the Apple store, start playing with all of the products and then think, “You know what, that Motorola commercial had a point… I’m outta here!”

Highly doubtful, but nice try anyway, Motorola…

How to Make Your iPhone Look Like Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is a step in the right direction for the industry titan. The announcement of the Windows Phone 7 OS was like a breath of fresh air after the antiquated and sluggish years of the Windows Mobile reign.

The Windows Phone 7 interface is quite unique. Microsoft had some very creative ideas when they designed the vertical, tile-like navigation in the OS. Windows Phone 7 live tiles display realtime information from apps for things like social networks and weather services.

Wyndwarrior, a jailbreak theme creator, has created a Windows Phone 7 theme for iOS. While there are other Winterboard themes that try and¬†mimic¬†the interface and features of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Wyndwarrior’s “OS7” bears a¬†striking resemblance to the look and feel of Windows Phone 7…

FakeCarrier App From Cydia Gives You a Verizon iPhone 4 Ahead of Launch

For those of you who simply can’t wait a week to be free from the chains of AT&T, FakeCarrier will at least give you visual satisfaction while you wait for that February 10th launch date. Found in Cydia in the pre installed Big Boss Repository, FakeCarrier from Eric of the mirror dev team allows you to change the wireless carrier name to whatever you would like.

Now the app itself has been around for a while as well as others like it, such as MakeItMine, but I figured this was a good time to remind everyone of this neat and simple iPhone program…

New iPad Commercal: Iconic

Apple recently released a new iPad commercial in attempt to seperate it even further from it’s competitors labeling the iPad as “iconic”. The commercial focuses on some aspects of the iPad that really sets it apart. Here are the highlights:

Music creation on the ipad is 2nd to none
Reading the news with the best interactive interface
Word processing applications for use in the classroom
Large, bright & colorful display for viewing books and magazines
Best of all, the iPad now has 60,000+ iPad specific apps availble in the App Store

Here’s Apple’s take on the commercial: “From Hollywood to the classroom, the iPad now has over 60,000 apps for just about everyone and everything. Go to to learn more.”

What do you think? Has the iPad established itself has the icon amongst the tablet industry?

iPhone Hardware and Accessories from Macworld Expo

The Macworld Expo is a giant technology conference that takes place once a year in California. Unlike the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Macworld is totally focused on everything Apple. The entire conference is devoted to Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, hardware, accessories, etc.¬†Journalists and Apple pundits meet at Macworld to discuss the state of Apple’s technology and speculate about what is to come.

Hardware is a huge part of Macworld, with more and more attention increasingly being given to iOS hardware and accessories. The guys over at Mac Life posted a great gallery of some iOS hardware/accessories that stood out at Macworld this year. Here are a couple highlights from their findings…

“Big Surprise” to be Included With Upcoming GreenPois0n Untethered Jailbreak?

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the street, a.k.a. keeping up with the latest jailbreak news on Twitter, then you may have stumbled upon several rumblings about a “big surprise” that will be included with the upcoming GreenPois0n jailbreak.

This newest version of GreenPois0n will provide an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 firmware, and is destined to arrive any day now.

What could the so-called “big surprise” be? Will it be something we’ve seen before? Will it be a totally new feature that will blow our minds?

Prevent Accidentally Updating Your iPhone With RecoveryGuard

Have you ever accidentally updated your jailbroken or unlocked iDevice, leaving you without a jailbreak or unlock for weeks or even months? Well, there’s finally a solution to stop accidental updating.

From the creator of MiTime and Pushfix, comes another extremely useful utility! RecoveryGuard is a new tool which prevents accidental upgrade and restore of your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Check inside for details on how it works…

Status Updates Hidden from Live Feed and Missing Privacy Settings in Facebook App

A couple Facebook for iPhone bugs have been reported by disgruntled Facebook users. Two known problems have recently started surfacing within Facebook’s official app: status updates from the iPhone are not being sent to the News Feed, and Facebook for iPhone is missing from users’ privacy settings.

We have no information as to how widespread these problems are, but there has been enough complaint to justify these bugs as real issues.

Here are the details…

GeoHot’s RubyRa1n iPhone Jailbreak Coming After February 10th?

Did MuscleNerd just let the cat out of the bag? Not only did we post news this morning regarding pod2g’s recently discovered untethered jailbreak exploit, MuscleNerd dropped a hint about GeoHot’s next jailbreak move; presumably RubyRa1n.

Back on¬†January¬†3rd, we posted about another dime dropped by MuscleNerd, which claims that GeoHot’s upcoming jailbreak will be an untethered jailbreak as well.

What else do we know about GeoHot’s next move?

Google Rolling Out Instant Preview to the iPhone, iPad

Google continues its iOS update-fest, with Google Instant Preview being the latest feature from the search giant to make its way to the iPhone.

Personally, I’m not a big user of Google Instant Preview on the desktop, but I could see how it would prove beneficial to those involved in an intensive search for something specific.

Instant Preview allows you to quickly compare results, and pinpoint¬†relevant¬†content on the desktop; now those same features are heading to your iPhone…