AT&T Sends Text Messages to iPhone 4 Owners With Activation Details

AT&T Sends Text Messages to iPhone 4 OwnersAfter emailing customers to let them know their orders had shipped, AT&T is now texting new iPhone 4 owners to give them more details about their new device’s activation.

The text message contains a link to AT&T’s website which provides more information about the activation process, being yet another indication that some orders might indeed ship a day ahead of schedule.

Under the overload of activation requests the last couple years, some users had reported not being able to activate their new iPhone for up to 48 hours. Maybe Apple decided to ship these iPhone 4 earlier to some of us in order to ease the load on AT&T’s servers on Thursday, when the iPhone 4 is officially hitting the shelves.

I haven’t received  such a text message myself but I’m curious to see who among you got one. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

[via RWW]