I didn’t post here in a couple of days as my friends and I suddenly decided to drive to Vegas on Thursday night around 11pm… Turned out to be a terrible decision but we did have fun. I had to catch up with all the iPhone news to deliver it to you today. So read on as there are some interesting information.

iPhone Speed Trap Apps Compete for Space on Your iPhone

Most users would be better served by Trapster than NMobile, largely due to the fact that Trapster has more documented speed traps. Trapster also allows you to optionally leave the screen active saving power. NMobile definitely had the best mapping experience, and allows viewing of the map in portrait or landscape modes which Trapster does not support.

iRingPro offers “professional” ringtones

I’d prefer it if people used their phone’s (least annoying) default tone, but I know that some users can’t resist fiddling around. Here’s hoping those people will check out iRingPro.

Securing your iPhone web traffic with Hotspot Shield

If you’re concerned about your data’s safety, consider using Anchorfree’s Hotspot Shield free VPN service. Hotspot Shield has been a great way to lock down your laptop’s wifi for a long time now, and just recently they have released instructions on how to take advantage of their service on an iPhone / iPod touch. Pleasantly, the service does not require that a program be downloaded to your device, but rather takes advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s built-in VPN functionality.

First Look: Public Radio Tuner

Whenever I’m not listening to my iPod in the car, I’m usually have my radio tuned to National Public Radio, where I get my fix of classical and jazz music. American Public Media has created an iPhone app that caters to those of us who want to listen to a particular NPR station, but don’t happen to be near a computer.

We know the iPhone is magic — now it DOES magic

Magic Show is an iPhone (or iPod touch) app created by a professional magician, Allen Valentine. He does an impressive stage show in Atlantic City, and he is passionate about the iPhone as well as his magic, so he combined the two.

iPhone barf bag mod is air sick

Sure, it’s foolish and low-tech as hell. But in the 8-hours you were cooped up on that transatlantic flight, did you ever once think about using the barf bag as an adjustable mount for your media player? No, you just held your iPod touch in your hand, occasionally dozing off until awakened by a jerk of the earbuds from your fallen iPod. Who’s the fool now?

Secret iPhone video-out features hacked, used for video games

Hey, just because using secret undocumented iPhone SDK calls might get you booted from the App Store doesn’t mean it’s not a good time — Ars Technica commissioned Freeverse to mod its Moto Chaser game to use the hidden video-out features in iPhone 2.2, and we have to say the results turned out pretty decent. It’s not perfect — it looks like it only works in landscape mode, and rendering to TV resolutions strains the processor and slows framerates down on all but the faster 2G iPod touch — but it works, and it’s a taste of where iPhone app development could go if Apple ever opens up the gates. Or you could just be Google and do whatever you want, we suppose. Video after the break.

CallingCard application released for iPhone

Marigo Holdings debuts CardCaller , an iPhone application that enables users to purchase, manage and use calling cards to phone people world wide. Designed to look and work similar to iPhones existing phone application, users can input the 1-800 number and pin code from the calling card into the phone where it will be stored for continues use. CardCaller also provides features including creating …

Apple receives another 3G speed lawsuit

Apple faces yet another lawsuit challenging its claims of 3G network performance. Through the Northern District of California, San Jose Division, James Pittman has filed a lawsuit against Apple in regards to the poor speeds of the iPhone 3G when compared to advertisements. Pittman claims that the phone was rushed to market in a defective state, and does not perform as represented.

Apple claims over 300 million App Store downloads

Apple has served over 300 million downloads through the iTunes App Store, a new print ad from the company claims. Published in the New York Times, the ad also observes that there are now over 10,000 different apps, a twentyfold increase over the 500 that heralded the App Store’s debut.

$99 iPhone is inevitable, maybe a new model

Amidst the rumors of a $99 4GB iPhone that might be sold after the holidays at Wal-Mart, analyst firm Kaufman Brothers has reported that a $99 device is inevitable. The exact timing of the discount remains unclear, although Apple could be developing a strategy to expand the range of iPhone products to include a low-end, mid-range, and high-end device.

App Store shoppers downloading 2.2 million apps per day

Though arguably still in its infancy, Apple’s App Store has already reached a daily run rate that’s seen iPhone and iPod touch users combine to download approximately 2.2 million applications every day.

Dev Working On Universal App Remote, Taking App Support Requests

Young developer Nam Chu Hoai, an ex-jailbreak developer, is currently working on a universal remote app called Nam’s Remote. The idea behind the app is to support as many applications on both the PC and Mac as possible. He currently has it working as a game controller, virtual trackpad, and VLC and Front Row remote to name a few.

Tap Tap Revenge – Christmas With Weezer

Never failing to impress us, the folks at Tapulous have once again released a special edition of Tap Tap Revenge—this time with Weezer. The newest addition to the Tap Tap Revenge line—Christmas With Weezer—comes with six exclusive Christmas carols from the band.

iPhone Controlled Remote Dog Treat Dispenser

Stephen Myers has created a system for dispensing dog treats remotely from his iPhone as a method for checking up on his dog while he’s away from home. He uses an electronic monitoring system from ioBridge that connects to his Ethernet network, an old CD spindle case, some cardboard and bits of wood, a large syringe plunger, and a webcam. Impressively, there was no programming required. Check out the video after the break.

Flickr Video Now Viewable On iPhone, iPod Touch

People don’t often know that Flickr is not only a place for photos, but also hosts video, too. Previously, like most other social video sites out there, these have been flash videos. Now, in a move to make things more iPhone-friendly, Flicker Video is now compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. All new videos uploaded since the announcement are iPhone and iPod touch compatible.

HotSpot Shield Secures iPhone’s Wi-Fi Traffic

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are a great for watching some YouTube or downloading a podcast on your iPhone, but have you ever wondered how secure that Wi-Fi connection is? Someone could be spying on you, and that could be a real problem if you’re doing something with more sensitive information like online banking. Hotspot Shield is a great tool for making sure your info doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It utilizes the iPhones VPN capabilities to secure your connection. You can check it out at HotspotShield.com.

User Makes iPhone Coffee Table From Cardboard

Are coasters not enough iPhone for your living room? One user decided to take his iPhone fetish to a new level by constructing his own iPhone coffee table. Not only is it a giant iPhone made of cardboard, but it has icon coasters, too. There is no tutorial at this time, but it’s still pretty cool.

Santa Live iPhone App Pulled Due to Even More Controversy

Developer Adam Majewski’s Santa Live app has had its share of bad press already: we reported a few weeks ago that Majewski was paying commenters to leave positive feedback about his project. But after the horror of a novelty Christmas song included in the app, Santa Live has been officially pulled from the App Store.