Flickr videos now iPhone compatible

The folks at Flickr have released some good news today. Specifically, their mobile site at has been improved to include, among other things, video support for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Beta Testers Wanted For SnakeHead’s ‘Flying Aces’ Game

The fine folks over at SnakeHead Software are working hard on a new combat flight simiulator game called Flying Aces and they need your help! SnakeHead has a limited number of spots to fill, so they want you to prove that you’re worthy. To enter, send an email to flyingaces[at]snakeheadsoftware[dot]com with the reason why you’ll be a good beta tester.

Woof! An iPhone-controlled dog treat dispenser

TUAW reader Stephen Myers sent us a link about a fun little project he worked on. He wants to be able to check on his dog’s well-being and reward the dog with treats from anywhere he can use his iPhone. Stephen found out about ioBridge, a company that develops electronic monitoring and control modules that connect to any Ethernet network and can be controlled via an encrypted web front end.

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes impresses as an iPhone shooter

Still, very impressive for an iPhone game, and a very good bar-setter for the first major shooter we’ve seen on the platform. As you might expect, this isn’t going to be cheap — it’s $9.99 in the App Store, and while this would be the perfect title for a demo (how else do you expect to sell a $10 app?), there’s not one to be found at all. Still, if there’s going to be such a thing as a premium game on the iPhone, this is probably it. For all of the colorful little puzzle and wordplay games on the iPhone, sometimes you just want to shoot some Nazis.

BGR: Walmart to sell $99 iPhone?

Your source for all iPhone-slash-Walmart news, BoyGeniusReport, has a whopper for you: Walmart might offer the 4GB iPhone for $99 when they start selling the handsets after Christmas.

Vlingo launches voice-command iPhone app

Vlingo has launched a voice-based iPhone application that allows users to speak basic commands to call contacts, search the web, find maps, or send status updates to Facebook and Twitter. Yahoo and Google searches can be initiated simply by stating the command and search terms, such as “web search: concert tickets in Boston,” for example.

Truphone launches VoIP app for iPod touch, iPhone

Truphone has launched a new VoIP application that enables an iPod touch to be used as a phone. If equipped with a microphone and headphones, the device can make phone calls to Google Talk or Skype users, another Truphone-enabled iPod touch, or certain Nokia handsets, from anywhere in the world where a Wi-Fi connection is available.

Apple files patent for hover-ready touchscreen

Apple has developed technology that would let an iPhone or similar device be controlled by hovering fingers nearby rather than just touches alone, a new US patent filing shows.

iPhone topples Windows Mobile in world sales

Apple’s lone cellphone product line is already outselling the entire range of Windows Mobile devices worldwide, according to new Gartner data. The launch of iPhone 3G in the summer was enough to push Apple to 12.9 percent market share and was enough to unseat Windows Mobile both within the US and internationally.

Weezer, Daft Punk come to new Tap Tap games

Several major musical acts have found their way into new App Store games based on the Guitar Hero-like Tap Tap Revenge, developer Tapulous has announced. The first, Christmas With Weezer, includes six original Christmas songs by the rock band, as well as two singles off the most recent studio album. The second game, Tap Tap Dance, features a host of electronic dance acts such as Moby, Daft Punk…