Apple argues only a fool would believe its iPhone 3G ads

Apple isn’t lying in television ads that tout the iPhone 3G as twice as fast as its predecessor, but customers would have to be fools to take those claims at face value, the company argues.

Vlingo Voice Search Released For iPhone

It looks like Google’s search app might be getting a little competition. Vlingo, a new voice-powered search application was just released into the App Store. The app has been available for RIM phones for some time, but has now been ported to the iPhone. Like the Google app, it can recognize spoken English words (and works best with an American accent ). Unlike Google’s app, however, it can search both Google and Yahoo engines.

Stanza adds licensed eReader content for iPhone booklovers

Good news for those who like to read books on their iPhones (as opposed to listening to them read by other people). JKontherun reports that ebook seller Fictionwise is licensing support for the eReader format to Lexcycle for use in Stanza; Fictionwise is also launching an eReader store for Stanza users. This adds more than 40,000 titles to the Stanza family, and allows multiple options for licensed book content on the iPhone family; Fictionwise will continue to offer the eReader app that’s already on the App Store. For users with libraries of eReader-format content bought for previous platforms like the Palm handhelds, those books should work.

First Look: app for iPhone/iPod touch

Today, the online retailer launched its first iPhone/iPod touch application. Previously, Amazon offered a version of its site that was optimized for MobileSafari. Amazon has added some pretty nifty features in the iPhone application that could make shopping online a lot easier.

Wide Email 1.2 adds shortcut options

LizzardWerks has released Wide Email 1.2, an update to its iPhone application that offers a wider horizontal-landscape keyboard for writing e-mails. Typing shortcuts have been added, allowing users to insert words, phrases, or even paragraphs by entering just one or two letters. The shortcut list allows new content to be added, while the existing entries can also be edited or deleted.

Voice Dialer Brings Fast, Impressive Voice Dialing to Your iPhone

As its name suggests, free iPhone application Voice Dialer adds voice dialing to your iPhone. More accurately, though, Voice Dialer is a contact search-by-voice app that also does autodialing. The difference: You can easily autodial any contact by saying “Call John Smith at home”—and Voice Dialer is great at recognizing matches—but if you don’t say “Call” before the contact’s name, Voice Dialer will simply pull up matches.

iFund applications mistakenly published on the web

Nearly 600 applications to the Kleiner Perkins iFund were mistakenly published on the web, including the startups’ contact information, founder bios, business plans, demos and financial information. The blame for the mistake has fallen on Meteora Technologies Group, Kleiner Perkins’ former hosting provider, according to TechCrunch.